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What IS camp like?

Well, our spaces are filling fast but there is still time to book and also to try out our swanky new booking system! Why choose a day camp at HOBs though? Well, here’s some thoughts…..

We’re all very friendly and helpful! We have ‘Junior Leaders’ who have been coming to camp for a few years now and who know what it’s like to feel slightly daunted. We have a wonderful range of ages coming to camp. The children all mix in together and support each other in their different projects. As children develop their experiences through their individual interests, they quickly discover there are like minded peers who want to try out the same ideas too!

We have a beautiful ‘Wild’ site! We are based on a farm and walk there together. We have an open field, a small copse and a woodland space- excellent for den building and hammock swinging! All of this is surrounded by lush hillsides which are also fab for rolling down, rolling tyres down and for hiding in the long grass!

We have some CRAZY wildlife! High in the skies, we’ve identified Buzzards, Ravens and Kestrels. Red Kites are now reported in the area too! We’ve had a Fallow Deer casually cross behind us on the footpath (It wasn’t the 3 legged doe that time though!) We’ve had a lizard and a field vole pass by, not to mention the abundance of bug life…..HUGE Crickets and Grasshoppers, beautifully coloured Wasp Spiders and Butterflies. Every season is different and we’re never disappointed.

We love to forage! We have many edible plant species which grow at HOBs. We always try to incorporate them into our afternoon campfire snacks. We’ve made nettle and cleaver tea, elderflower cordial, elderflower fritters, nettle seed biscuits, nettle and garlic pizzas, elderberry jam, damper bread (we do ‘do’ marshmallows but there’s LOADS more interesting things to try!) Understanding how to identify and forage plants helps us to connect more to the land and appreciate how to nurture what we benefit from.

The adults are fun too! Emily, Emma and Claire will be at camp to support you on your Forest School journey. We are all Level 3 trained practitioners and have our own different strengths and interests that we bring to camp with us. As you get to know us, you’ll soon realise that we are very passionate about what we do and love helping the children in our care. We love that every camp is different and that we’ve met so many interesting people at HOBs.

SO……..Are you coming to see us then?? Do get in touch if you have any questions but we can’t wait to meet you and show you what HOBs is like! xx The HOBs Team xx

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